TaskTrakz: Custom Fields

No one knows your business quite like you do. Using custom fields in TaskTrakz means you can choose the information you want to track about your business

A custom field tracks a single piece of information on each task in TaskTrakz. It could be:

  • a customer name
  • a developer name
  • a part number
  • an SKU
  • the editor of an article
  • or practically anything else

Each custom field can be filled in during task creation or at a later time. You can even specify that a field is required before a task can change from one state to another, for example you can require that a shipping tracking number is entered before a task moves from a ready to be shipped state to a shipped state.

Using TaskTrakz custom fields you can:

  • Track different types of data using text, number, options, user name and more types of custom fields
  • Find relevant tasks by filtering searches using custom fields
  • Cut down on repetitive data entry by setting default values for custom fields
  • Record everything with as many custom fields as you need
  • Ensure fields are always filled in by making them required for when tasks are transitioned from one state to another
  • Restrict who can make certain transitions of tasks by restricting that transition to particular users such as editors or members of the quality assurance team.
  • Set up your custom fields in seconds using a simple graphical interface