TaskTrakz: Custom Workflow

You need to make sure review, test and authorization procedures are always followed. TaskTrakz custom workflow helps you to enforce your business processes.

TaskTrakz custom workflow allows you to define the stages that your tasks go through on their way to completion. For example, if you are developing software these stages might be design - implementation - testing - review - complete. For a blog publisher your workflow may be research - writing - editing - authorization - publishing.

In addition to defining stages to suit your business, TaskTrakz also lets you define the allowed transitions between these stages. For example, in the case of the blog publisher you may be allowed to go from authorization back to writing, but not from writing directly to publishing.

By clearly defining stages you can easily coordinate multiple people to work on each stage of a task and ensure that no stage is missed during this process.

With TaskTrakz custom workflow you can:

  • Handle any business process with unlimited configurable workflow stages.
  • Handle situations before the task is started with multiple not started states.
  • Allow a number of different conclusions to a task with multiple completion states. For example a task may reach its conclusion when it is complete, shelved or discarded.
  • Ensure that stages are performed in the correct sequence by defining allowable transitions between stages.
  • Ensure that information is entered at appropriate times by defining required fields for transitions.
  • Ensure that appropriate people authorize tasks by defining who can make transitions between particular states.
  • Easily check who authorized or tested a task by examining the status history of the task.
  • Set up your custom workflow in minutes using a simple graphical interface.

You can check out the project management workflow section in the TaskTrakz free project management library for examples of how you can use custom workflows to achieve different objectives.