TaskTrakz: Control Project Risk

Bring your team together and reduce project risk with TaskTrakz.

TaskTrakz includes a risk register for every TaskTrakz project. Record, store and update your project risks in a central location. Never deal with a project risks spreadsheet again.

  • Visualize the risk profile of your projects with the automatically calculated risk matrix
  • Focus your effort on your biggest risks with the automatically sorted risk register
  • Include as much detail as you need with individual risk pages for each risk in the register
  • Highlight important information in risk descriptions, consequences and actions with formatting, lists, tables and more
  • Ensure accountability for risks by assigning owners to each risk
  • See how risks have evolved over time with a complete risk history
  • Keep everyone up to date with a single centralized risk register

Work together with your team on controlling risk. TaskTrakz centralized risk register keeps everyone on the same page. Everyone will be kept up to date with access to the latest, priority sorted risk data immediately available to them. You can store the information you need about a risk including rich text formatting for your descriptions and attachments so you can keep all your information in one place.

Control and monitor project risk better than ever before with TaskTrakz project management software.