TaskTrakz: Powerful Search

Find what you need fast. TaskTrakz gives you powerful ways to search and filter your tasks.

Looking for that task about that supplier? TaskTrakz gives you the ability to search through almost any text in a task. Task title, description, custom fields and more can all be searched for specific words or phrases.

What if you need to know all tasks approved by John? TaskTrakz lets you filter any search by many of the task fields. Filter by project, owner, creator, status, custom fields and more. Find tasks by a combination of filters to select just the tasks that you want.

Come up with a useful search that you want to use again? Save it as a TaskTrakz saved search. Once the search is saved you can return to it with the click of a button. Alternatively, you can add it directly to your dashboard so you can see it every time you log in.

  • Find tasks quickly with a text search on the task name, description, custom fields and more
  • Narrow your search results with search filters by project, status, custom fields and more
  • Get started quickly with our simple intuitive interface
  • Save time on common searches by saving them
  • Keep on top of your tasks by displaying saved searches on your dashboard