TaskTrakz: Top Down Planning

Projects are naturally planned top down. TaskTrakz captures this and allows you to plan your project your way by helping you to continually refine your project, from an initial rough sketch to a detailed execution plan.

With TaskTrakz you can organize your tasks into a hierarchy. Each task can be broken down into subtasks, to as many levels as you need to effectively plan your project. You can make tasks as small or as large as you need and refine your work break down structure over time.

TaskTrakz does not lock you into the breakdown you defined at the start of your project. You can break down tasks at any stage of the project execution. You can plan in broad strokes at the beginning of the project and refine your plan as you proceed through the project.

Plans change and we understand that. With TaskTrakz you can reorganize the task hierarchy for your project with an easy to use, drag and drop work breakdown structure.